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Speaker's Biography

Meet our visionaries, who are active leaders in the areas including politics, finance, culture, and many more.

프로필 이미지 Yi, Mun-yol Novelist

Speaker's Biography

Mun-yol Yi was born in Seoul in 1948, the year the Republic of Korea was founded, and raised in Yeongyang, Kyungsangbuk-do.

Yi graduated elementary school in Miryang, Kyungsangnam-do; the remainder of his secondary education was completed by passing a qualification examination. He began his undergraduate education at Seoul National University; however, he left the University in 1968, after attending for only a year. Later, Yi was a writer in residence for three years at the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard University.

In 1979, his novelette, Song of Fortress was published in the Korean newspaper, Dong-A ilbo. Since then he has written approximately 20 novels and more than 50 short and medium length stories including, Son of the Man, The Poet, and Our Twisted Hero.

Mun-yol Yi was named “writer of the year” in 1979 and has received several awards in Korea including Dongin, Lee-Sang, Hyundae literary awards. He has also received the Order of Cultural Merits from France, and 50 novels were translated in 17 different countries including France, Germany, and Italy.

In his earlier career, he had worked as a journalist at a local newspaper, Maeil. From 1994 to 1997 he was a faculty member of Sejong University. He is currently a chair professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

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