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Sdf 2013

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Meet our visionaries, who are active leaders in the T.I.M.E.
(Technology, Information, Media, Entertainment) areas.

프로필 이미지 KANG, Yoonseo Co-Founder, Open Tech Forever / 2012 Thiel Fellow

Speaker's Biography

Yoonseo Kang is an open source hardware developer and entrepreneur. Yoonseo aspires toward a world where all designs, tools and material supply chains, and manufacturing techniques of modern technologies are accessible for everyone. He has experienced first-hand and believes in the potential of open documentation and interdisciplinary training for rapid, insightful learning and personal development. Yoonseo has pioneered open hardware development and documentation techniques with Open Source Ecology and is a 2012 Thiel Fellow among other young innovators and entrepreneurs. He is currently developing Open Tech Forever, an open hardware enterprise to complement his collaborative work with other open organizations. He hopes that the growth of open source culture and the accessibility of open technologies will dissolve the barriers to collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable economic prosperity. Yoonseo hopes to develop open hardware toward the cutting-edge technological frontier, facilitate open enterprise replication on a global scale, and produce quality resources for humanitarian efforts.

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